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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Battle Hopper (Renewal Ver.)

Kamen Rider Black’s living motorcycle is back in the form of the S.H. Figaurts Battle Hopper renewal version. I may not have the first issue but what I can tell is that this replica almost follows the bike on the show. The engine is encased in a rib cage structure made out of die-cast metal, a bug like body frame with matte seat pan, and headlights similarly structured like Kamen Rider Black’s compound eyes.

 Other parts inclusive are the clear stand and a transparent C-clamp. The stand is attached at the bike’s rear wheels, effective if you need not to use the kickstand. However, odd clamp latches just below the engine block in order for any Tamashii stage’s arm to be plugged subsequently.

It is weird that the clamp was included in the mix because it can be rendered useless since the Tamashii Stage is absent on the set. The holding hands for the throttle are with the renewal version of Kamen Rider Black so it is best to get both to maximize their potential. This renewal version has its pros and cons, pros by means of getting an affordable Battle Hopper especially if you have missed getting the first issue. Besides this version is more accurate in terms on color treatment. It will frown those who have gotten the first issue and have saved their money for the longest time just to get it, without knowing that an updated version was coming across the horizon. But at least Bandai didn’t go on cheap with the mold as this included die-cast parts. More to this from the video review below.






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