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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kamen Rider Drive's Cast Information & Villains

Aside from Ryoma Takeuchi will who play as Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive additional magazine scans also reveal other cast members for the 16 Heisei Rider series. Moreover are the villains collectively called Roymyuudo.

Other casts members announced besides Ryomo Takeuchi (far right) are (from left to right): Genhachirou Otta (played by Koumoto Masahiro); Kyuu Saijou (played by HAMAKEN's Kenta Hamano), a scientist in-charge with network processing; Rina Zawakami (played by Rei Yoshii); Jun Honganji (played by Tsurutaro Kataoka), the Chief of the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Not included on the group photo is  Christopher Daniel Peppler who will play as of Krim Steinbert. He is responsible in developing the  Drive Driver and the Tridoron.

The villains - Roymyuudo comprises of 108 monsters that were awaken because of an event called "huge acceleration" and were created by Viral Cores, dark versions of Shift Cars. These monster will evolve during the course.

The first batch of monsters that Drive will encounter are Roimude 029 Cobra who will use the Viral Core Cobra to evolve into Iron Roimude. Also included in the pics are Roimude 088 Bat and Viral Core Bat and lastly, Roimude 042 Spider and Viral Core Spider. Riku Sanjo, known writing Kamen Rider W will be the lead writer the series producer is Takahito Ōmori known for his work Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.  Kamen Rider Drive will start on October 5th. Below are more Kamen Rider Drive scans including his transformation sequence (sort of).

Source: Orends (1,2) Jefusion, HJU, Heroshock


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