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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fourze 23: Alliance of the Swan - Sub

Fourze episode 23 is entitled: Alliance of the Swan - "Haku Chō Dō Mei" (白・鳥・同・盟) Eguchi, a cosplay otaku classmate in class 2-B, starts proclaiming that he is the new hero Cygnus. And their classmate Kijima reveals to Gentaro that he has become the Cancer Zodiarts, one of the Horoscopes.

A mysterious white "hero" named Cygnus saves a lady from a bag thief, from this rumors starts to spread about a white knight saving the day. Gentaro thought that it was him as Fourze but later on was mistaken. Gentaro is baffled but admires this new hero and tries to find Cygnus to befriend him. Who is Cygnus? Is he a third rider or another Zodiarts in sheep's clothing?
Sub version can be found here


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