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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gokaiger 51 Finale Tidbits

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger final episode has just finished airing and we bid farewell to our beloved pirates. In connection to the 35th anniversary final episode Toei's production website showcased behind the scene images and notes in conjunction to the short appearances of former Super Sentai warriors.

Those who showed are Dairanger's Ei Hamura and Keisuke Tsuchiya, who played as Tenma Ranger Shouji and Kirin Ranger Kazu, respectively. Unbeknown by many, both came to the set on unannounced for Episode 33 to play together with Keichi Wada who is TenKaSei Ryo.

Director Tarou Sakamoto and Action Director Ishigaki actually filmed TenakaSei Ryo and the other two on the spot but was cut off during editing because of unaligned story line. So as to compensate, both guested briefly on the final episode. Both rangers still knows their rollcall poses and henshin stances which Junya Ikeda (Ikari Gai) applauded.

Episode 23 showcased GoGo V's ultimate power through Matsuri/Go Pink. In the final episode Atsushi Harada aka Shou Tatsumi/Go Green appeared. Harada was equally motivated to make his appearance and naturally reprises role.

Episode 3 was Magiranger's tribute which featured Atsushi Hashimoto aka Kai Ozu/Magired. It was in this episode that this was the point that we all took notes that the Gokaiger's role was to obtain all 34 Super Sentai ultimate powers. Ozu's sibling, Houka/MagiPink played by Ayumi Beppu, was in the final episode. Beppu even remained after her take to reminisce with the staff and the suit actors on how they were during that time. She was presented with a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for her returning.

There were at least 3 Go Onger former member who made an appearance during the series. Royama Saki aka Go-On Yellow was present during "Gokaiger vs Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Heroes Great Battle, Episode 36 "Partner Pirates" featuring Sosuke Esumi aka Go-On Red and Go-On Silver Miu Sutou played by Yumi Sugimoto made her 2nd appearance. First in the Gokaiger - The Flying Ghost as one of the G3 princesses and in the final Gokaiger episode.

Translated by BROhgamiIchirou !vzTRor7Gts of 4chan's /m/ board


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