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Monday, February 20, 2012

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Gokai Silver

My second to the last review of the SHF Gokaiger line with Ikari Gai aka Gokai Silver. Silver is the most flamboyant amongst all pirates and the only earthling in the group. We all can relate with Gai, because like him, we all belong to the Super Sentai fandom from kids from 1 to 92. The greatest weapon that Silver has is his very creative imagination, he has created fusion of keys and other moves unbeknownst to old time ranger key users. But let's focus on its SH Figuarts form.

Gokai Silver's offering is unique and simple. He has the Trident in gold and gun mode. Both of this accessories are very detailed and I believe its the paint apps that help in bringing out that awesomeness. However, the paint applications are done on one side therefore feels incomplete. I'm happy though that these are equally proportionate to our happy camper.

GokaiSilver also comes with his own unique Mobirates - the Gokai Cellular. I'm impressed on how the Gokai Cellular is molded quite closely to its DX version. This mobile phone only has 1 opened Gokai Silver Ranger Key because with the lack of his own Gokai Darin. I don't understand why Bandai wouldn't let GokaiSilver have his own steering wheel.

Apart from the above-mentioned, other accessories are 11 interchangeable hands to recreate that infamous Gokai Silver roll call pose. Silver surprisingly the tallest of the group and I don't know why, since Silver should have been smaller than Blue or Red.

GokaiSilver's visor is very shinny unlike the other three which their application was matte. Because he is a toned-down version of the male Gokaigers, he lacks details and seems like he is more long legged. But with this, GokaiSilver has amazing articulation even better than of my SHF Kamen Rider collection.

The hitch on GokaiSilver really is the silver paint on his costume. His sempais have their color molded in while Silver is painted over. In my experience, without utmost care, rubbing against the joints tend to flake the paint overtime.

Despite the lack of his Gokai Darin, he is still handsome, fun and easy to play with. I enjoyed making this figure twist its joints freely, having the most possible action poses in all of the Gokaiger figures. Since there is no GokaiDarin for Silver, I'm betting two things in the near future - a separate sale of the GokaiDarin and a SHF GokaiSilver gold mold and I swear, these will be tamashii exclusives.






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