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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Base States+Module 01+Stand Set

Three in one review - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Base States, Module Set 01 and Stand and Effect Set. I hope I can bring justice to these. First let's start of with SHF Kamen Rider Fourze, then Module Set 01 and lastly the Stand and Effects Set.

For Kamen Rider Fourze Base States, it is quite surprising that this initial Figuarts release only has four poseable hands. This means, it can be compared to my SHF Riotrooper. I got this locally for a cheap price so it sort of compensates the number of accessories to its worth. What I am so annoyed is that the switches fall off quite often. The black lines on both drill and rocket modules are not very clean, I can see a lot of smudges on both modules and it feels like a Gundam marker was used to highlight the crevasses.
I had no complaints on the articulation points as this spins off from Kamen Rider OOO figures and the highly appreciated SHF Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Module Set 1

The Module Set 1 comprises of the Magic Hand, Camera, Launcher and Radar. It also has 5 switches 2 on/off for camera switch, 1 off launcher switch and 2 magic hand on/off switch. For some reason, there are no switch for the Radar. Each accessory for this set has a limb embedded so you need to take out most of the arms and legs when needed to replace.

Stand and Effect Set

To make the playability interesting use the stand/effect set that has one PVC cement base or switch it with Fourze's stylized tamashii stand. The booster effects for the Rocket Module is a nice touch amongst all of the parts. When photographed correctly, it brings really great style. To insert, just remove the boosters on the rocket module, this means the booster effects is tightly secured but a bit heavy therefore a the stand is very necessary to the set.

In conclusion, there are some Japan Online stores would sell these as a set which is kinda neat since it is hard to miss one or the other. I would say that this is a decent figure but it doesn't tickle my fancy a bit. Kamen Rider Ryuki is still the best SH Figuart out there that has all the things you need in one package. I'm not saying it is not fantastic, but ever since Ryuki came out, I have changed my standards in the SHF line. Still, Fourze compound with the sets is a solid offering from Bandai. Sorry Fourze, you are not the SHF of the year.










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