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Monday, July 16, 2012

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Nadeshiko

Welcome to another Megamax movie-based character Nadeshiko. As the first female Kamen Rider to come out of the SHF line, the box is covered with stars and coupled with grey, pink and blue color combination which I thought will never gel together. The box design for the S.H. Figuarts Nadeshiko is honestly too girly for my taste.

To extend that inevitable femininity, Bandai also included an exclusive Nadeshiko Tamashii stand with hearts and stars floating around her silhouette. Nothing special, so we are moving on.

In the set S.H. Figuarts Nadeshiko has her own Rocket Module but the black lines are slightly lighter and comparable to Fourze's Double Rocket States. Using the rocket is slightly a hassle as it entails exchanging shorter soft plastic sleeve so that the rocket can slide in further near her elbow. Lastly, there are four hands in total and one of them is clenched probably for that cutie posture. Actually, I couldn't remember when she did this during the movie.

Although the idea is to create a female version of Kamen Rider Fourze, there is a different cue in creating Nadeshiko. Her head is shaped like an oval-ish mobile satellite with a pair of solar panels on top.

The ribbed neck sits on her Sailormoon-type school girl costume with curved bosoms showing an overview of a tank top. Nadeshiko doesn't have those Playstation sockets and are replaced with plain blue tubing. Unlike Fourze, Nadeshiko only has two switches to power on and those are molded with the belt and cannot be replaced with Fourze's switches. But if it permits, Nadeshiko can utilize some of Fourze's modules. I mean only some and not all.

I maybe incorrect but it seems there is a change in the how ankles are moved. Instead of swiveling or tilting, its ankle joint slides on angle. For a Kamen Rider on high heels this new design is great if Nadeshiko's legs and foot are on fighting positions and not for standing straight. Also note to be careful on the tiny hinge that lets the foot swivel forward because it is on a thin brace.

Nadeshiko is a nice figure to have in line with the movie Megamax, but there are some awkwardness to her like the shoulders seem too low for a female figure. Articulation is great but I think it will just clinch my top 10 SHF list for this year.


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