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Monday, August 6, 2012

Toy Review: Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Sora Vol.1

This is a review of the figure that was release almost half a decade ago - the Play Arts Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora. Sora is the main protagonist of the game in the Kingdom Heart series and the game itself is the brainchild from the gang who created the Final Fantasy series with an exemplary touch of Disney Magic.

Just like any other Play Arts figures to date, Sora's box art is quite plain with  bright white  as a motif with legible Kingdom Hearts II letters at the bottom . On the upper left hand side is the game and Disney insignia and adjacent is Square Enix's. I've read that there are a lot of bootleg versions of this toy and it is hard to judge from the box alone. Along this review, there are two points to know if your Sora is fake.

Sora only has one accessory called the Keyblade with a Mickey Mouse emblem chain hanging at the end of the sword. If you use your finger on the blade, you may able to see the crown cutout. In short, this is one huge key. Plugging this on to Sora's hands is easy but do take note that it will take some patience before the whole hand is inserted in between. Seems impossible, but I managed to do this. Both hands have pegs so that you can switch the hand from left to right.  Remember that if your Sora doesn't have a Mickey Mouse chain on the Keyblade, it means you got the bootleg version. That is point 1. Point 2 - if he doesn't have a crown on the neck chain, this is fake.
As for articulation, Sora has an amazing ab crunch allowing him to bend further than of other Play Arts Kai figures to date. Actually, he doesn't have an ab crunch action, it is just that there is a crevice that allows him to do so. 

Sora has a decent ball-jointed head,  extra shoulder joints that enable these to move forward for that dynamic slashing action and single joints on the elbows and knees. If this is your first time to bend the elbows and the knees I suggest to push on the joints and not on the resistance to avoid breaking the arm. Once you get the hang of it, everything should be fine. Also this is preferred when you bend the knees since his shorts are on rubber molds which make it harder to bend the legs. Last on the articulation are the swivel points, hinges and ball joints on the ankle and feet allowing more stability and poseability for the figure.

Despite that there are paint particles falling off the soft molded clothes and uncut plastic on his head, Sora is one fantastic figure to have. With enough flexible and poseable joints, it is something unheard from especially from today's Play Arts Kai figures. If you worry about the paint applications don't fret. As long as you can store the figure in a nice room temperature, this figure will last more than it looks like.



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