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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toy Review: Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Cloud

This is another figure I thought I lost in a rubble of boxes at home. This is my review of the Play Arts Kingdom Hearts Cloud. A superb story placing Final Fantasy characters in like Sepiroth and Cloud. Cloud has been an inspiration of mine to pick up a lot of Play Arts figures and this is no exempt.

Slightly different from what you used to see in Final Fantasy, Cloud in Kingdom Hearts has bat-like wings on a ball joint and moving this part is such a joy. The torn cape has a hinge that only allows up and down movement, if this could also swing side ways, that would be awesome. It has an odd curve though with folds and creases that ends with dark airbrushed ensemble making him look like a war-torn vagabond type of warrior. Cloud also includes an adjustable stand, 1 swappable holding hand and the bandaged Buster Sword.

Some of the armor on this figure primarily on the hip and on the shoulders are moveable so that these wouldn't hinder the whole articulation of Cloud's limbs. Only his head hidden from a tall scarf piece negates the holder to show his full face and even do nods.

Even if his head doesn't move that much, this is one of the best sculpted piece from Square Enix and both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fans must have (or all ready have) in their collection. More of this from the video below.



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