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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nakamura Yuichi Retires From Acting

Nakamura Yuichi also known as Kamen Rider Zeronos in Kamen Rider Den-o has expressed to retire from entertainment industry following his resignation from his agency Watanabe Entertainment. On November 2010, he left his group D-BOYS and D☆DATE to attend to his worsening chronic hip pains. 

Other members of D-Boys have expressed their concern over their member. Seto Koji (24) have posted over his blog about the situation, “He has chosen to pursue a path outside of the entertainment industry by his own accord.  I have been supporting him and knowing how difficult it was for Yuichi, it is very regrettable. However, we will continue taking the paths in front of us.  I will support Yuichi in all of his decisions now and going forth, and although the situation will be different, I hope we both try our best wherever we are.”

Igarashi Shunji (26) also commented about Nakamura's condition, “We have spent 8 years together since the age of 17, that is an irreplaceable time in our lives.  We were always aware that we were friends, but rivals. It will never change that we are still friends and rivals even if we are in different situation.“ He also thanked fans and requested, “From here on out, whenever you see Yuichi on the street, definitely smile at him.”

Source: Oricon via Tokyohive


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