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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Toy Review: Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Sepiroth

This is a review of the Play Arts Kingdom Hearts Sepiroth. Sepiroth has one of the most engaging sculpting but is he worth playing? I got Sepiroth as a bundle with Cloud and Sora for 50 bucks. I took this advantage because in some websites, it was mentioned that these are really rare and you will never get each as 50. So what a joy.

The first thing you'll notice about Sepiroth is just like its Play Arts FF, almost perfect sculpting but this version has a younger and pale-looking face. Moving along is his very flowing long hair that curves providing that wind effect. With that said, it poses a problem because the weight of the figure tends to lean on one side, hence a stand is included in the set.

 To add to that imbalanced weight is a breathtaking right, blue, almost translucent wing. Unlike Cloud, his wing has a more feathery texture and from afar, it looks like a real bird wing. The effect - Sepiroth feels more effeminate than a bird of prey. Even the creases and folds on the outfit is not a surprise since I've been dealing with Play Arts figures for sometime. 

What I'm not happy with is when you look on his side, the figure bends on an angle, there are no joints that would allow him to stand straight. His hair is in the way of the head articulation. Included is his sword and just 1 holding hand for his right arm. Ok, Sepiroth in Kingdom Arts form is hands down pretty, but how all of these blend together poses a lot of difficulty in poses. Beauty does not equivocate to functionality.



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