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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ino–Shika–Cho Combo Possible In Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden

Even if Naruto and Rock Lee are the only playable characters in Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden, it is possible that there will be a Ino–Shika–Cho combination from the character support roster. Recently it has been announced that Namco Bandai will include Yamato, Gaara, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji as supports to Naruto and Rock Lee in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game. 

 This November 14th, Namco will present a demo in Japan on how this game will pan out. Those who have pre-ordered the Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden will get a Naruto game case that can store up to three Nintendo 3DS games. The case is shaped like the Leaf Village's bandana with their insignia carved on the cover.

Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden game for the 3DS allows you to play Naruto or Rock Lee with Sai and Sakura as your support throughout the whole adventure. The game will be released this November 29 at 5,230 Yen. 
Source: Siliconera


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