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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gobusters V-Cinema Cast Revealed

This month's issue of Hyper Hobby Magazine revealed the cast of the upcoming direct-to-DVD special, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters. There are hints that the team will be fighting another version of themselves. Dobutsu seems to indicate "animal".

  • Hiromu Sakurada / Red Cheetah - Katsuhiro Suzuki 
  • Ryuji Iwasaki / Blue Gorilla - Ryoma Baba 
  • Yoko Usami / Yellow Rabbit - Arisa Komiya 
  • Masato Jin / Gold Beetle - Hiroya Matsumoto 
  • Takeshi Kuroki / Black Puma - Hideo Sakaki 
  • Rika Sakurada / Pink Cat - Risa Yoshiki 
  • Atsushi Domyoji / Green Hippopotamus - Tatsuhisa Suzuki 
  • Kami-sama (God) - Syo Jinnai 
  • Kikai Empress Trange Star - Ayame Mizaki 
The V-Cinema will run about 45 minutes. The special DVD will include the main program, making and other behind the scenes, PR images, and videos with fans. In line with this announcement, Toei has posted on their official website additional details about this special.
Hiroyuki Kato will be directing the special and Kento Shimoyama will helm the script. There are also hints that the special will feature Pink Buster once more. The DVD special retails 6,300 Yen and will be released this June 21st.


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