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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

KyoryuGold's Thunderous Return

More information was revealed as we are close to seeing Utsusemimaru/KyoryuGold in upcoming episodes of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. According to latest scans and updates, KyoryuGold will debut on Brave (episode) 8. KyoryuGold is a swordsman who fought together with Torin about 400 years ago against Devoss Army. He was kept sealed all these centuries by his rival Dogold, an armor with its own will, during one of their encounters.
Torin wasn't able to find KyoryuGold's spirit. Dogold will be able to use the beast batteries and perform a "Deivos-In", its Evil Spirit will transmit into PteraidenOh complete with a visor and a jet-blank mantle around its' body.
In the past, Utsusemimaru used to serve a lord who resembles Daigo. But when we was released, he will not accept Daigo as a leader or join the team until Daigo proves himself a worthy lord. A man with great skill, he is better than Ian or Souji in shooting and in sword fight. A cool character, he is nicknamed "Ucchi" by Amy.

KyoryuGold's partner is the 6th Zyudenryu , Pteragodon. His device is called the GabriChanger while his weapon is called the Zander Thunder.  Using 3 batteries, he can use a special attack called the"Raiden Zankou" (Thunder and Lighting Afterglow.). When Pteragodon combines with Parasagun and Zactor, the formation is called Pteraiden-Oh Western, with Kyoryuzin to form RaidenKyoryuzin.  
Additional info c/o Dukemon22


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