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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Toy Review: Super Robot Chogokin Shinken Oh

The 6th entry for the Super Robot Chogokin line is the SRC ShinkenOh from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Bandai responded the need for Sentai robos with this 140mm half die cast metal and half plastic figure.

Its die cast metal is found on the leg to support the rest of the frame. Most of the points are kept true from the bigger sized DX, having the origami molded with the finest detail. It may look like a DX in a smaller scale but this more poseable even against humanoid figures.

There are a few accessories in the mix to evoke some of the effects, memorable moves, and attacks seen in each of the robots' respective series. First is the sword called the Dai Shinken. This is a flexible blade with the pieces of the animals engraved on both sides.  If not in use, the sword can be parked, sliding effortlessly on the left side of waist. The Hiden Shield holds the Shiba clan crest in the middle and the disc sits on a ball-jointed platform with two pegs at the bottom.  Pegs are used in different placements around the figure from the back, on the shoulder and a lever for the holding hand.

Another to mention is the stand to hold two pieces of the Slash effect, this is very useful if you want Shinken Oh to do its big execution move.  Last on the list is a pair of open splayed hands and a pair of holding hands that you can mix and match during the play.

SRC Super Sentai Robos didn’t really catch on till DekaRanger Robo arrived for the same line.  Even through the origamis do not detach or transform into animal parts, it makes up with the great poseabilities and stability on the figure. If you are not into big DX robos, this is the next best thing that you can line up with your figures between that 140mm range.  More to this from the video review below.



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