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Friday, May 10, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Cameo E-Invite

A lot of mixed reactions from the fans knowing that some of their favorite former rangers will not make their cameo appearance on Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The reasons differ from each other. Some of these actors declined because of the low offer and others were cancelled due to the alleged production budget "constraints".

Recently, the content of that generic invite that was sent via email to these actors was finally revealed via Fury Diamond at  RangerCrew. What does the email say?

We had been entertaining the possibility of past Rangers joining us for the longest time and didn't think it was possible to do. Due to so many requests from a number of past Rangers (as well as an overwhelming amount of requests from the fans, too!) we, as a production, talked it over and agree that it is a fabulous idea that we would like to make happen. This is also a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all of the loyal fans and thank them for their support over 20 years. We want this to happen and we want as many of you as possible over here with us!!

Next comes the nitty-gritty of organizing such a task. The unfortunate reality is that including past Rangers was not part of our original budget. In order to include as many of you as possible in this shoot, we do not have massive funds at the individual level to offer each of you. We do hope that you bear this in mind as you consider our offer.

So what do you think? You may join the discussion on RangerCrew by visiting this link (1,2).


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