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Friday, May 10, 2013

Super Best Den-O Belt And DX Cho Wizard Battle Rings Available This August

Thanks to recent scans, we have a new set of toy listings including the Super Best Kamen Rider Den-O Transformation Belt and  DX Cho Wizard Battle Ring Set. These are slated to release this August. 

The Super Best Kamen Rider Den-O transformation belt will include 4 Imagin tickets and 1 blank. Previously the Imagin tickets were sold separately during the release of the DX Den-O Belt. This will retail at 4,500 yen. 

Next is the DX Cho Wizard Battle Ring Set that includes 2 rings that is line with the upcoming film, Kamen Rider Wizard The Movie.  You can get this set at 1,000 yen this August.

Source: Herotaku


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