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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kyoryuger: Female KyoryuViolet Confirmed, More Images Of KyoryuRed Carnival

As reported previously, due to Dr. Ulshade's retirement as KyoryuViolet, the rumors about him passing the torch to his granddaughter has been confirmed through the latest scans. It the next few episodes Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, we will see the 2nd female warrior, KyoryuViolet

Seen on previous episodes, Dr. Ulshade is KyoryuViolet and was  behind in creating Gaburevolvers  and other Zyuden Arms with the help of his grand daughter, Yayoi. Ulshade will handover the KyoryuViolet mantle to his grand daughter Yayoi. 

The above images confirms the new Deboth commander named Endolf, the Knight of Regrets (Urami no Senki) who will be introduced next month. It is said that Chaos have created him to facilitate Deboth’s resurrection. 
Here is another image Endolf fighting  Plezuon Zakutor and Plezuon Parasagun.
The latest magazine scans showcases more of KyoryuRed Carnival.  revealing that only KyoryuRed gaining this power up. Kyoryured Carnival can accessed by Gabutyra De Carnival 1+ Beast Battery, that can be combined with the Gabrevolver to form GabreCarnival. The Gabutyra De Carnival resembles a small Gabutyra that can transform into a gun. Kyoryured Carnival will have new attachments just like Gabutyra such as Western Carnival, Macho Carnival, Samba Carnival and Kung-Fu Carnival by using the right batteries.  Check out the rest of KyoryuRed Carnival below.


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