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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toy Review: D-Arts Forte and Gospel (Bass and Treble)

Whether you know them as Bass and Treble or Forte and Gospel, this D-Arts set includes two figures much like the classic Rockman release. Forte out of the box already has his Forte Buster already attach on his right arm together with an almost accurate head and body sculpt. What takes your breath away are the nicely applied paint details but was slightly disappointed with the small gaps that glued some of his parts together.

Forte is inclusive of two extra face replacements to change expressions whenever you are playing this figure with either Rockman or his partner Gospel. To use these, remove the top portion of the helmet and the lower mask exposing the pegged-on face. Other replaceable parts include a left Forte Buster Arm and a normal arm for the right plus 3 extra hands on this mix.

Forte’s support wolf partner, Gospel, in a word looks amazing. However this has a few limitations on some of its joints. This has a rotating head with some limitation because of the mold and a leg joints. Honestly, I am not sure if this figure has knee joints of how tights these are on the figure.

As a conclusion, the D-Arts Forte and Gospel is a good-looking Tamashii Web Exclusive set. Forte has amazing articulation that is better than Rockman and Gospel, though having limited articulation is definitely has better mold than Rush. I just wish that the set could have some effects for Forte’s Buster and that could have set a better value but that is just a one of those things I can let go of. I highly recommend getting this set and neglect how much this actually cost because it is worth it. More to this from the video review below.



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