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Monday, July 1, 2013

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO PutoTyra Combo

Out of the box the S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo that represents a more detailed feature than of its S.H. Figuarts counterpart. Everything you see here absolutely shouts S.I.C. The OOO Driver still works the same as other forms and you can remove the Core Medals as you please. What is weird though is that the OOO Scanner and the Medal holder are plugged on the soft plastic armor and not on the belt strap. This means these things are loosely placed on the figure and when being played with, falls off without any effort.

To complete, you need to peg the pair of Ptera wings with the purple translucent plastic layer facing out. These are awfully tight to plug behind the figure so it will take a while before these fully goes in. Since these pegs are on hinges you can swing the flaps in different directions as you please, however these are not the main wings that brings out the power to the tearer. There is another stage to this that I will discuss later.

Additional parts include the translucent medal chest piece and 5 extra hands one of which should hold the three Cell Medals. What is cooler is the really detailed Medagaburyu. The axe mode allows the head to move up and down but sadly, you can’t insert the cell medals inside. Its Bazooka mode is completed in two parts. First connect the nozzle extension on both the barrel and on the handle, next is moving the head closing the mouth in the process. Downside is that the holding hands don’t really support in handling the Medagaburyu properly, making the weapon wobbly at times. Also part of the set is an S.I.C. Stage that can hold the figure for in-flight positions. And this leads to the second part of the transformation.

The second stage entails replacing certain parts. For example are replacing the Wing Stingers on the shoulders with a bigger set. Make sure these are pushed all the way down to secure on the figure. Next is a separate wing connector with a new pair of wings, this time the purple mold is facing inwards instead of the first pair. Then separate the torso in order to release the belt and replace it with a similar belt but the tail is now molded in. Last part is bringing back the OOO Driver, Scanner and Medal holder back on the belt by plugging on the right places, that looks better and more correct than the default parts.

The S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra combo is one of the great looking figures that came out of the SIC line in a static position. But just like other deformed figures in this toy line, it has some minor issues that you have to deal with. One of which are the OOO Scanner and the Medal Holder being a pain to work around with if you are using the default waist armor and this will not make sense once you get your hands on it. The Medagaburyu sits loosely on the holding hands taking away the fun on having one. Plugging the wings is somewhat a nuisance at first because how tight the mold is to plug on the connector and finally the difficulty of replacing the armor piece with the Tail Divider. Positive sides are the great proportions and for once the small fists do not bother me that much than other forms. The articulation is superb but not one of the best. Lastly the overall execution is well thought off if not for the default belt.


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