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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toei Hero World Opens In December 2013

Toei's website has announced that it will open its first museum dedicated to the company's tokusatsu heroes this December. Named TOEI HERO WORLD, the museum will showcase a vast collection, retelling the history of your favorite tokusatsu heroes.

This museum is in partnership between Toei and Namco and both had an input to provide that one thought - TOEI HERO WORLD : NAMCO ACTION MUSEUM, bringing together elements of creative art linked to the Toei Tokusatsu Heroes, as well as your movies in one place so they can be immortalized and thus always remembered by several generations.  The said museum will be located in Aeon Shopping Makuhari New City in Mihama,Chiba City. 

This partnership between two giants compiles all Toei oriented programs / the TV series , as well as film productions. Namco's take will bring into the plate a scope of the theme parks and family-oriented facilities. A heavy investment from both companies that is never seen before. Other features include tokusatsu-themed apparel, props heroes, food , paraphernalia among others. Definitely for fans of all ages.


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