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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toy Review: D-Arts Megaman X Ultimate Armor

D-Arts Megaman (Rockman) X Ultimate Armor represents the most powerful form in the game franchise. His violet base frame is highlighted even more with the clear blue accents on the shoulders, arms and legs. There are slight hints of golden wings just above the shoulder parts and near the ankles.

Megaman has 2 extra face replacements that can be tricky to swap around. I’d rather lift from the chin to avoid breaking one of the head accents. Then comes with two extra open hands, a normal arm and an extra ring for the Buster arm. The extra ring is for attaching the sharp green effect and to sharp it even more, two wing attachments for the Buster arm are also included. Finally the form is not complete without Jet Pack for his Nova Strike. There are two ways to use this, first is the inverted mode but you need to detach the wings and the nose. In Nova Strike, all of these are attached back and completes Mega Man.

Mega Man’s final form looks great and has the same clinks as Mega Man X. Without a doubt that this is one of the essential figures in the whole D-Arts Mega Man line. If you love Mega Man X and its minor problems it had, this is an easy pick-up for you. Just note that the upper body is quite loose and wobbly and the arms have those squeaking sounds that are quite a turn off to some collectors.




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