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Monday, December 9, 2013

AC05 Kamen Rider Zangetsu & AC06 Mango and Kiwi Arms Video Promo

With Kamen Rider Zangetsu's first transformation and Ryugen's Kiwi Arms set to appear this week in episode 10 entitled: “Rider Battle Royale! The Mystery of the Forest”, Bandai just released the video promo of the AC05 Kamen Rider Zangetsu & AC06 Mango and Kiwi Arms.

The AC05 Kamen Rider Zangetsu Melon Arms will be equipped with Musou Saber and his shield called the Melon Defender. Just released last December 7, price of the figure is about 3,150 yen. AC06 Mango and Kiwi Arms are additional Arms for Kamen Rider Baron and Ryugen respectively. The set comes with the armor parts and the Mango Punisher, Baron's personal weapon in this form. Also included are the armor piece for Ryugen and the Kiwi Gekirin weapons. The arms and weapons only set is priced at 1,890 yen and was released together with the AC05. 


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