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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toy Review: D-Arts Black Zero

Considered as an upgrade armor or an evil copy, Bandai Tamashii Nations didn’t think twice in releasing the D-Arts Black Zero from Capcom’s Megaman X game. Aside from the obvious black and grey color motif, Black Zero has sharp cornered shoulder pads and silver and gold buster arm. Unlike his red version, Black Zero has gem ornaments on both ankles.

Black Zero is inclusive with 5 pearl white extra hands, a buster arm and three face replacements. Also are two sabers, one of which has a rounded tip, a saber slash effect and an extra cap to insert any effects from past D-Arts Megaman releases. The extra arm replaces the default buster and allows the use one of the extra hands through a thin peg. Each handle of the sabers can be pulled out to insert into the figure’s back. Replacing the face is similar to Zero, as you need to remove half of the headpiece and swap this with any of the 3 optional parts.

The D-Arts Black Zero is a cool figure. Its black paint application has subtle flakes enabling the figure to shine in a certain lighting condition. Head articulation is better than his red version and overall, a well-balanced representation of the character. However, the helmet covers most part of his eyes that can be a miss especially if you are using any of the extra faces. Nevertheless, this is a sure hit and not to be missed even this has the limited edition tag.



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