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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Toy Review: Super RHF Kamen Rider Faiz & Autovajin

The Super RHF Kamen Rider Faiz & Autovajin set is one of those early figures related to the show that is often overlooked because of inaccuracy. But before I go into details lets look at Faiz first. Faiz right out of the bat falls short of the character’s likeness. His fins are shorter, the compound eyes are too bright of yellow, and the obvious bolts make it less of an attractive figure.

 Accessories for our hero include the Faiz Pointer, Faiz Phone in blaster mode, Faiz Shot with a holder and the Faiz Edge. Each of the weapons can be plugged on any slot on the waist while the Pointer fits just fine on his ankle. Problem with the weapons is the lack of paint application accuracy and the sword is sort of flimsy and bends ridiculously.

What is impressive is the Autovajin. In vehicle mode, the figure has the needed details such as the identification number on the front scoop, metallic paint on the body and the working wheels. Finally, the Smart Brain Logo on the gas tank. The only thing lacking on details is the red paint on the Faiz logo on the gas cap. This bike is quite heavy because of the die cast parts on the rear suspension and the joint of would-be-knees. Its kickstand works perfectly to balance Autovaijin in bike mode. In battle mode, Autovajin does have a nice height and balances well with the Faiz figure. Everything seems proportionate and the joints are rock solid.

Faiz in the set has a good frame but the inaccuracy on the key highlights, the exposed bolts and lousy detail on the soft mold of the weapons makes everything an eye sore. My adjectives are not the same with Autovajin and it is an overall impressive figure, despite it was released years ago. It can also be considered as a timeless representation of the vehicle. However putting Faiz and Autovajin side by side is somewhat acceptable. With the right pose, the figures complement each other quite well. Sure there is an S.H. Figuart version in the horizon but you can hand it to Bandai in making a set that is certainly unforgettable. More from the video review below.



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