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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Zero: Black Blood Latest Promo Feat. Riria

The official Garo Youtube channel started streaming its latest promo for Zero: Black Blood, featuring Riria (ToQGer) playing the role of sword fighter Yuna. She has the ability to wield the Soul metal of a Makai Sword. Even though she has a passion to take down the Ring (portrayed by Thane Camus ), she has some other secret yet to be revealed.

Leading the cast is Ray Fujita, reprising his role as Rei Suzumura/Silver Fanged Knight ZERO from Garo: Makai Senki. Rounding out the cast are, Naoki Takeshi as Kain, and Thane Camus as Ring. The theme song is by JAM Project simply entitled ZERO-BLACK BLOOD.

Zero: Black Blood is a six episode series premieres that will premier March 5th to 8th in Family Gekijo. 2 movies entitled: "White Chapter" and "Black Chapter" will be released on the 3rd and 22nd of  March respectively. Zero: Black Blood, is written by Kobayashi Yasuko and directed by Kaneda Ryuu.  


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