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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Last: Naruto the Movie New Character Sketches Revealed

The combined issue of this month's Shonen Jump magazine vol. 37-38 has revealed more character sketches for the upcoming The Last -Naruto the Movie-. This includes Sai, Sakura and Shikamaru, all grown up with more mature features.

Sai now sports new outfit with longer sleeves. He has now a cooler face expression with longer bangs. Sakura Haruno's grown up feature will have a mature expression with a feminine body form. Shikamaru Nara's notes on the scan read "Shikamaru with a tranquil face!... Shikamaru does not appear to have much change to him, but the look on his face looks quite manly!?"

The new features will be designed by Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto. Masashi Kishimoto will supervise the story of the film and its character designs. Marking the 15th anniversary of the Naruto manga and part of "Naruto's New Era Opening Project", the movie will be released this December 6, 2014 .


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