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Thursday, August 28, 2014

TV Asahi Launches Kamen Rider Drive On Company's Site

Finally, more details about Kamen Rider Drive have been uploaded on TV Asahi's website that includes a brief introduction on the concept of the story and more character information.  It was mentioned that the story line will be fusing “Kamen Rider x Detective Drama” with riddles and case solving that a range of generations can enjoy.  Also this is the first time that the main rider will be using a car instead of a bike which brings the series back to the original series wherein machine and humans are united to battle evil.

Shinnosuke Tomari is recruited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and will become Kamen Rider Drive using the Shift Car, Bracelet and Drive Driver. Every time Kamen Rider Drive changes Shift Cars, the Trideron will also change to arm Drive. Trideron is owned by the Metropolitan Police Department and changes tires whenever the driver senses an enemy.

As mentioned, the Drive Driver is Shinnosuke's AI partner and is voiced by Christopher Daniel Peppler (who will also play as Krim Steinbert). Drive's basic form is Type Speed. 

  • Rina Zawakami (played by Rei Yoshii) is an  electronic physicist is doing research about the monsters and their abilities. She doubles also as a mechanic. 
  • Kyuu Saijou (played by HAMAKEN's Kenta Hamano), a scientist in-charge with network processing. He has a very geeky and like occult stuff that brings the team into trouble sometimes.
  • Tsurutaro Kataoka  (played byJun Honganji), the Chief of the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Dislikes troubles like how Shinnosuke used to slack off. He is into Feng Shui and very cautious about fortune. He matches his tie to match his lucky color. 
  • Taikou Katoono will play as Chaser. He is also called the Grim Reaper, a professional hitman. With his personality shrouded in mystery, he will be a rival to Kamen Rider Drive.
  • Brain Roimyuudo (played by Shota Matsushima) is a mysterious man in a black and working behind the scenes gathering information and thinks of Drive as a threat. He fights using nervous attacks.
  • Heart Roimyuudo (played by Tomoya Warabin) is  the organization's secret leader.
  • Kiriko Shinjima (played by Rio Uchida) is a member of the Special Unit and is responsible to all of the technical work. She's beautiful but scary and is kinda robot-like woman. She knows Drive's secret identity and occasionally helps him in some fights. 
On another set of announcements, Mitsuru Matsuoka (Kamen Rider Eternal) of SOPHIA will be performing the theme song for Kamen Rider Drive titled: Surprise - Drive. The band will be named Mitsuru Matsuoka  EARNEST DRIVE.

The plot: android-like creatures called Roimyuudo desires to be human. Except for some of its leaders, they are spread across the net in "light" form. Using the platform left behind, the leaders plan to revive the original Roimyuudo and stage an uprising against mankind.

Some of them would gather information in order to gain power and would leave mysterious cases.  

Riku Sanjo, known for  writing Kamen Rider W will be the lead writer, series producer is Takahito Ōmori and director is Ryuta Tazaki.  Kamen Rider Drive will start on October 5th.  Below are more photos from a recently held press event.


Additional source via Orends, Tokusatsu Network


dhathor said...

I knew it's gonna be Kamen Rider W 2.0, albeit car-themed; and more so since it's Riku Sanjo who's the lead writer. Oh well, I do hope he won't repeat his screw-up with Kyoryuger...

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