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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Namco Bandai Opens Kamen Rider: Battle Ride Wars Game Teaser Site

Namco Bandai Games recently launched a teaser site for an upcoming Kamen Rider game namedKamen Rider: Battle Ride Wars. As of this post, we can only see a flash animation showcasing motorcycle parts  featuring familiar Kamen Rider bikes namely: Kamen Rider Kuuga's TryChaser 2000, Kiva's Machine Kivaa and Kamen Rider Hibiki's Gaika. 


Machine Kivaa

Trychaser 2000

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the game will be for the PlayStation 3. It will include Kamen Riders on their bikes to save allies. The game will feature most of Hsieh riders from Kuuga to Kamen Rider Wizard.

 It will feature a Musou-type of game where the Kamen Rider rides his bike to save allies. Included in the game are riders from Kuuga to Wizard. The game will be released this May 28th at 7,480 yen. A Limited Edition will be released for 10,480 that will include 30 tracks featured in the game.

 Source: Jefusion


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