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Monday, January 14, 2013

Toy Review: Takara Tomy Transformers Capbots (Captimus Prime and Capticon)

Look! Hats in disguise. This is a review of Takara Tomy's Capbots, After we've seen the Nike Transformers some time ago, Takara Tomy answers with Capbots. These are fashioned from New Era's 59fifty brand of baseball caps. Packaging takes on a very simple look. Quite reminds me how some utility packages are like these.

Out of the box, the figures are in Cap mode with their respective insignia placed on the forehead. There are also New Era logos seen on each side and the 59fifty sticker plastered on the sun visor. The sticker is cut in half which is part of the transformation. Captimus Prime uses his blue and red signature colors while Capticon blends in black and purple paint applications. Since these are shell formers, the pegs that hold in cap mode are quite disappointing seeing gaps in between the crevasses. This means if you drop the figure on a shallow height, it can transform itself without the button gimmick.

Gimmick includes pressing the button on top of the hat and you'll see almost 3/4 of the transformation. The rest, you are obliged to complete it by spreading by removing the arms from the tabs and spreading the legs and feet. Check out the video below to know how to complete both figures into robot mode.

In robot mode, there are similarities on the torso, legs and shell molds but each figure features a different set of head sculpt. Captimus showcases a familiar Optimus Prime face plate but wearing a cap on and Capticon has a more brute eye features. I like the stylized Cybertronian decals on the chest and legs than the baseball player look on Prime. 

Articulation on these is decent but it lacks a waist joint. Both can stand on one leg thanks to the huge duck-like feet mold. There are no weapons included so if you can find a 5mm Transformers weapon from your collection, that would make the experience more life-like. However, you cannot fully insert the weapons through the hands because the visor panel are glued under the fists. 

Overall, just like the Nike offering, this pair is a charming set and an alternative to common Transformers releases. It has also delighted my female friends so I guess these are chick magnets to some extent, just don't go too geeky if you want to keep them coming. 




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