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Friday, February 8, 2019

Toy Review: 2GoodCo 1/12 Scale Iron Man Suit Up Gantry for S.H. Figuarts Iron Man line

This 2GoodCo 1/12 scale Iron Man Suit Up Gantry is marketed to fit into the S.H. Figuarts Iron Man line. Starting of is a two-layer platform that needed to be dislodged and then replaced on a different set of slots to have them angled in 45 degrees. There are 6 points of LED lights powered by 3 batteries that are already included in the platform.

Next to put in are smaller arms that move back and forth to simulate detaching Stark’s leg armor. Bigger arms are placed on the sides on the platform that have moveable arms and swivels on both ways. Lastly, are the front and back robotic arms together with the larger hind arm that slot in nicely. 

I have mixed views of this set. I really do not include packaging as part of the review but this is not well made. Instructions are somewhat vague and it took me a while to discover where each part belongs to which section. Then, any point of articulation on any arm felt very fragile and I was extra cautious when putting them all together in the platform. In some moments, snapping parts together is either too tight or too loose and made it more difficult because these were thin and fragile. It is a great discussion piece since there are no other 3rd party company has done this on this scale and this complex. But if you intend to play with this more and more, I suggest go ahead with utmost care in mind.


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